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Latest reviews

  • Britteny Hensmen
    18 September 2014

    Direct Locksmith Inc

    Britteny Hensmen by Britteny Hensmen

    Direct Locksmith Services got my car unlocked so I could go pick up my kids from school on time. Their emergency locksmith service is outstanding.

  • Gene Corteley
    17 September 2014

    Junk Removal London

    An excellent job by Gene Corteley

    We needed to remove our upright freezer from its' location on our lower floor. The guys removed the freezer door to readily permit to make the turn at the bottom of the stairs and had it out of our home within twenty minutes. Very friendly and courteous crew members. They even took another couple of junk items I had and threw them on the truck.

  • Gene Corteley
    17 September 2014

    Lowlander Grand Cafe

    Loved it! by Gene Corteley

    The selection of beers on drought, in bottles and a special selection of reserve stock is truly stunning. The food is also excellent and the servers really know their stock well, and will recommend a selection that will blow your mind.

  • wonderlandmontessori
    17 September 2014

    I used Zachary Douglass when my beloved passed away.They have excellent follow up with the prayer cards sure you get them as timely as possible and will accommodate



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