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Latest reviews

  • colfax556
    31 January 2015

    Sticky Buds Colfax

    Sticky Buds Colfax by colfax556

    We are committed to giving our patients the highest quality medical marijuana at an affordable price. We always have a wide variety of sativas and indicias in all price ranges to appeal to everyone. We know price and quality matter so we pride ourselves on providing the very best medicine at an affordable and very competitive price. Being around the Denver market practically from the very beginning allows us to share our experience and knowledge to help our clients achieve their goals in pain management as well as any other individual need.

  • falcongerard
    31 January 2015

    MDofPC Doctor of Computers

    Very pleasant by falcongerard

    MDofPC Doctor of Computers solved my computer problems quickly; they were very pleasant and not condescending to a non-tech person.

  • stpetes112
    31 January 2015

    St. Pete's Dancing Marlin

    St. Pete's Dancing Marlin by stpetes112

    St. Pete's Dancing Marlin is a Dallas landmark. Walk inside and feel the sun shine across hardwood floors and vintage memorabilia. A multitude of swordfish and other creatures of the deep adorn the walls. Large enough to accommodate 200, St. Pete's is also warm, comfortable, intimate and chock full of atmosphere. It's a classic bar in a classic location -- Dallas' historic Deep Ellum on the edge of downtown. The menu has what founder Pete Zotos calls ""honest food"": deliciously juicy burgers served with heaping fries, fresh, crisp salads and full seafood and pasta entrees with plenty to share. The famous Dancing Tuna Steak Sandwich keeps neighborhood clients coming back, while the patio is a perfect place for the accidental tourist to sit, sip and people-watch the day away. It's the kind of place where ""everybody knows your name."" What's not to like?

  • cattyjhons
    31 January 2015

    Derma med spa, the skin clinic

    Recommending Derma Med... by cattyjhons

    Highly stressed I was, and that resulted in dark circles. I started looking for best treatment for dark circles in Chennai, and came across Derma Med Spa. Their treatment is good and reliable. I advice everybody to go for them! - Shreyasi Sreedhar



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