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Latest reviews

  • Juan G
    25 April 2014

    Cedar Doctor

    Excellent Work! by Juan G

    Cedar Doctor renovation services are a pleasure. They are strongly committed to customer satisfaction and their expertise in this field is clear from every aspect of their renovation works. I strongly recommend them to everyone. I was most satisfied with the timeliness and the way they handled working around my family members.

  • Carioni
    24 April 2014

    Cool Cat Nederland B.V.

    * by Carioni

    Vocês são uns filhos da PUTA ofendendo o BRASIL..... vocês não são merda nenhuma. MERDA é a PUTA que os pariu

  • Jithendra
    24 April 2014

    Rich Emu Corporation

    Skin Care by Jithendra

    Skin Care, Cosmetics, Hair Care, Pet care, Diet Supplementary, Body Care, Oils,

  • reesermiles
    24 April 2014

    Attorneys for Tax Relief

    I am happy to declare... by reesermiles

    If you are having troubles with the IRS, call them. I can’t say enough good things with regards to them. From beginning to end, I’m so pleased. We were in deep trouble, and I was clueless what the outcome would be. My fear of the unknown has disappeared and my IRS Tax Debt is FIXED!



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